Belmont Street

Happe Contracts is pleased to announce the completion of its most recent contract, a new Green Roof for a residential block on Belmont Street, London Borough of Camden.

The contract was to remove the existing roof covering and structural decking, and replace it with a Bauder XF118 Wild Flower Blanket. Ostensibly this might seem to be a straightforward task, but before the green covering could be laid there needed to be extensive preparatory work undertaken.

Preparations started with reinforcing and upgrading the existing roof joists and decking to accommodate the increased loadings. Once the reinforcing work was complete, the second stage was to install a Bauder Total Roof System, a patented system incorporating a variety of membranes designed to provide robust waterproofing coupled with a high degree of thermal efficiency. Having been in use in the UK for around 30 years, the Bauder Total Roof System is a tried and tested flat roofing solution, which utilises tough SBS modified bitumen membranes of the highest quality.

With the integrity of the roof assured, the Bauder Wild Flower Blanket was then overlaid to complete the installation. Similar in concept to lawn turf, the Bauder Wildflower Blanket offers an instant covering of vegetation. The product is lightweight and comprises a carefully selected mix of 24 species of native wildflowers, herbs, sedums and grasses for a diverse community of vibrant foliage and flowers. The plants satisfy the requirements of the BREEAM and Sustainable Homes codes, and also feature a range of native species that meet with most biodiversity plans that project-specific ecology reports are now demanding.

To quote Bauder: “The key benefit of using the XF118 Wildflower Blanket is its swift establishment of a dense, vigorous and seasonally colourful vegetated sward across the roof, that will quickly attract a broad range of aphids and invertebrates which in turn will encourage the development of a sustainable ecology on the roof. The unique blanket carrier incorporates a polypropylene mesh stitched to a geotextile membrane which ensures the plants can quickly establish in to the substrate installed beneath.”

Paul Happe said of the project: “This contract was particularly time-critical, with only eight weeks scheduled for the entire installation, and I am delighted that my team’s efforts brought the project to a successful conclusion, on time and on budget. The final effect is most impressive and reflects the hard work and commitment of everyone involved.”

About Green Roofs
Green roofs are increasingly becoming a feature of the urban landscape, though they can be installed on virtually any building, in any environment. The key purposes of green roofing include: reducing the Heat Island effect, providing insulation in winter, providing cooling in summer, lowering urban air temperatures, improving urban air quality, absorbing rainfall, providing sound insulation, offering additional amenity space, and creating micro habitats for wildlife and invertebrates.